House of Hamsters
The first Think-to-Earn Blockchain Mobile Game.

Play the Texas Hold'em card game, develop your thinking skills, and earn $HAMC tokens
House of Hamsters
House of Hamsters game is a fusion of earning cryptocurrency and intellectual growth.
House of Hamsters is a groundbreaking game on the BNB blockchain, and the first of its kind to utilize the T2E (Think To Earn) concept. The game involves competing with other players in a game of Texas Hold'em, enhancing your character, and earning cryptocurrency.
The player's ability to analyze their opponent's moves quickly and effectively is directly proportional to their likelihood of winning rewards, acquiring more tokens, experience, and favourable outcomes. This means that the player's intelligence and prompt decision-making skills directly impact their earnings in the game.
Common Hamster
Attribute from 6 to 12
Attribute Point 3
Uncommon Hamster
Attribute from 8 to 16
Attribute Point 5
Rare Hamster
Attribute from 12 to 21
Attribute Point 7
Think to Earn
Intellectual growth-hacking
Our incentive is to encourage individuals to think critically and make calculated decisions by offering cryptocurrency as a reward for skill. The more proficient and swift one is at analyzing their opponents' moves, the greater their chances of winning prizes.
Smart Economics
Unlike other NFT games our economic framework creates more avenues for revenue generation for the project. This, in turn, enables us to provide users with rewards, even during challenging periods in the cryptocurrency market.
Infinite potential to generate income
We provide every user with a complimentary hamster that can be used to acquire cryptocurrency by participating in Texas Hold'em games. For those looking to gain an advantage, we have developed exceptional NFTs that are available for purchase in our marketplace.
Tokenomics that work
Our approach generates a flow of $HAMC tokens within the project, which enhances the project's sustainability and reduces the reliance on a continuous influx of new users.
Trade game assets on our Marketplace
Boost your income by owning NFT characters and attributes. Buy, Rent and Sell any excess characters or attributes anytime.
True Asset Ownership
House of Hamsters leverages blockchain technology to grant players complete ownership of their in-game assets. Any item acquired serves as an in-game asset that is minted and secured in the player's crypto wallet.
The ownership of each digital asset is established by recording every NFT on the BNB chain blockchain.
Users that own assets can trade and collect NFTs on the platform.
HamCoin (HAMC) is a new BEP 20 token built on the BNB Chain
This limited edition token is a key component of an entire ecosystem, with a total of 2,000,000,000 tokens issued, of which 25% of the will be burned further.

HamCoin is an in-game currency.

2nd Quater
Sale of the first NFT collection
Launching a closed betatest game
Optimization of on-chain transactions
3rd Quater
Implementation of the DAO system
Public launch of game testing
Introduction of a ranking system
Introduction of a Staking system in betaversion
4th Quater
Announcement of the funding round
The start of the main international tournament GOLDEN CHIP
Introduction of the Jackpot system
Launch of friendly matches
1st Quater
PC version of the game
Realization of the possibility of creating your own tournaments for users
2nd Quater
Development of the HOH Game metaverse
Creation of new worlds
2th Quater 2023
Sale of the first NFT collection
Launch of the closed beta test of the game
Optimization of transactions along the chain
Implementation of the stacking system in the beta version
3th Quater 2023
Implementation of the DAO system
Public launch of game testing
Introduction of a ranking system
4th Quater 2023
Launching a grandiose system
Announcement of the funding round
Start of the main international tournament GOLDEN CHIP
Introduction of the jackpot system
launch of friendly matches
1th Quater 2024
PC version of the game
Implementation of the possibility of creating your own tournaments for users
2th Quater 2024
Developing the HOH Game meta universe
Creating new worlds 

Why House of Hamsters
House of Hamsters, as a think-to-earn blockchain game, represents a major shift in the gaming industry by offering a unique value proposition. It not only provides players with an entertaining experience but also serves as a tool for improving cognitive abilities and earning cryptocurrency in the process.

The game's blockchain technology allows players to truly own their assets, granting them the freedom to trade, sell or keep their digital assets as they please. The innovative economic model of the game allows it to function independently of market fluctuations, ensuring that players are continually rewarded for their efforts.

By combining skill development, entertainment, and financial rewards, House of Hamsters is poised to revolutionize the gaming industry and become a leader in the emerging field of blockchain gaming.

Come and be a part of history with us.
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    Our ecosystem
    Where can I learn more about the game?

    More information about the game can be found in our knowledge base -

    Is it possible to play the game for free?

    Yes you can get a free character and start playing it.

    How many NFT characters of varying rarity are available?

    At the start of the game there will be 10 000 characters of different rarities.

    How can I earn in the game?

    Players get tokens for prizes in games, and we also give the opportunity to play with tokens obtained in competitions with other users.

    What platforms can the game be played on?

    The game will be available on Android and iOS.

    What is NFT?

    Here is a good description of the term NFT

    Will there be token burning in the game?

    Yes it is planned to burn 25% of the total supply of tokens.

    What other assets besides characters will be represented by NFT?

    There are NFT attributes (points, hats and tables) to increase earnings as well as gain various privileges (in the future).

    Is it possible to sell an NFT character?

    Marketplace is a place where users can rent/rent or sell/buy their NFTs.